Opticon in Middle East


Dear customers and global strategic partners, We are Opticon Distributor since the year 2000.

With over than 20 years of experience in providing technology solutions to organizations in a diversity of verticals, we focused on delivering high-quality products and services in many critical domains including Hardware integration to existing software, technology solutions implementation, software security, hardware infrastructure, product deployment and training.

We distrbute For Opticon desktop scanners: Opticon OPR2001, Opticon L46, Opticon OPN2001,Opticon OPN2006, Opticon OPH3001, Opticon OPL9815, Opticon PX20.

We distrbute For Opticon handweld terminals: Opticon H29, Opticon H28, Opticon H31, Opticon H33.

We are Expert in Opticon Software and integration