Gemalto Sentinel EMS

Gemalto Sentinel EMS

Software licensing platform that support the entire product lifecycle

Sentinel EMS is a web based Licensing and Entitlement Management system that enables software developers and device manufacturers to maximize revenues and streamline business operations. The Sentinel EMS platform includes out-of-the-box interfaces for license generation, activation, tracking, reporting, and back-office integration and customer self-service portals.

Versatile Packaging: Customize product packages and licensing models to meet customer needs and adapt to evolving market trends.

Customer Self Service: Deliver a wide range of customer self-service licensing and entitlement management capabilities.

Vendor Agnostic Licensing: Support any type of licensing enforcement method including Sentinel, homegrown and third party products.

Usage Tracking & Reporting: Utilize usage data to ensure license compliance, gain insight about use of features, and send license status notifications to customers.

Multi-Channel Distribution: Empower distributors, resellers, system integrators and OEM suppliers to distribute, activate and provision customer entitlements.

Back-Office Automation: Deploy a fully automated license fulfillment, delivery, tracking and reporting solution with seamless integration to back-office applications.

Electronic Software Delivery as a Service(ESDaaS): Automate entitlement driven distribution and delivery of software and digital content.