JWM Vanguard 5

JWM Vanguard 5

  • RFID guard tour reader
  • IP67 Protection Grade.

RFID Guard Tour reader comes Military Material and four color LED combines with vibration. Vanguard 5 chooses high-capacity battery and low power consumption design. That guarantees the super endurance.

Dimenstions: Height 144mm, Width 47mm, Thickness 30mm

Weight: 200g

Color: Grey , Green, Yellow

Operating Temperature: -40 ~+85

IP Rate: IP67

Reading Mode: RFID 125 KHz , Reading distance ,3cm -5cm

Communication: USB(CP2102,USB2.0) upload data 15000 pieces per min

Battery: rated voltage : 3.7V, rated capacity : 880Amh

Standby time:

1 Read tags per second, can be used at least 40 hours.
2500 readings per day, can be used for 29 days. Five days for low power.

Data Storage: 16Mbit flash, 60,000 pieces