Zkteco SpeedFace V5L-TD

Zkteco SpeedFace V5L-TD

  • Body temperature detection
  • Mask detection
  • Time Attendance and Access Control System

Visible Light Facial Recognition Terminal, It supports both facial and palm verification with large capacity and speedy recognition. The Series adopts touchless recognition technology and new functions namely temperature detection and masked individual identification which eliminates hygiene concerns effectively. Also the 3-in-1 palm recognition (Palm Shape, Palm Print and Palm Vein) is performed in 0.35 sec per hand

Temperature Measurement Distance: 30 ~ 50 cm

Temperature Measurement Accuracy: +/-0.3°C

Temperature Measurement Range: 34 ~ 45°C

CPU: 900MHz Dual Core CPU

Memory: 512MB RAM / 8G Flash

Camera: 2MP WDR Low Light

Communication: TCP / IP, Wi-Fi (optional) RS232, RS485 for external reader wiegand in/out

Accessory: Door lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button and auxiliary input

Audio: Loudspeaker

Users: 10,000

Face Template : 6,000

Palm Template : 3,000

Fingerprint: 10,000

Log: 200,000

Voltage: 12V 3A

Temperature : -10°C ~ 45°C

Humidity: 10% ~ 90%

Software: ZKBioAccess